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Bracelet Athlétique Jaune

Bracelet Athlétique Jaune

Bracelet Athlétique Jaune


The coloured material for each bracelet contains titanium material, producing negative ions and each bracelet has 5 magnets of 1200 Gauss, positioned bio-North that face the skin and are securely attached to each plastic case.

They help improve your flexibiliyt, strength, balance, performance, well-being and power. That is why they are worn by so many sports people

These colourful, attractive sport bracelets which can be worn not only for sports help relieve the pain, in particular from:

  • osteoarthritis
  • tendinitis
  • muscle inflammation
  • attenuation of sleep disorders

In contact with the skin, the active elements of the bracelets  transmit negative ions. Magnets have a well-being effect on the blood supplying the muscles, and this magnetic therapy and benefits is recognized by the medical profession.

Sabona's Athletic Bracelets offer a combination of magnets and material producing negative ions.




Available Options:





Extra Extra 15,0 cm

 Large / Extra Large 19.6 cm Sabona

Athletic Bracelets will stretch, but snap back to the original size. You can wear them tight or loose.


6 months warranty on manufacturing. Keep your invoice or delivery slip.


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