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Pure copper bracelet, non-magnetic

This superb bracelet is pure copper, coated in 24 K gold.

The copper bracelets are available as a flat finish or with a patterned finish. This original Sabona copper bracelet, so popular that millions have been sold all over the world.

Designed for comfort, and built to maintain its appearance of form and quality.

Medically registered and worn by many people suffering from the pain caused by arthritis, rhumatism and joints. The copper on contact with the body warms the skin and gives a deep, soothing heat to help relieve pain. 

A beautiful bracelet that will last many years.

The bracelet comes in its own box and with a cleaning cloth. It is recommended that you clean your bracelet at least once a week.


Available Options:





For all manufacturers faults the bracelets will remain under warranty for 6 months where we will replace parts as needed or exchange the item.


• Very Small (12.7 cm) for wrist 14.0 cm

Small (14.0 cm) for wrist 15.2 cm

• Medium (15.2 cm) for wrist 16.5 cm

• Large (16.5 cm) for wrist 17.7 cm

• Very Large (17.8 cm) Wrist 19.0 cm

• Extra Large Extra (19.0 cm) for wrist 20.5 cm

• Extra Large Extra (20.5 cm) for wrist 21.5 cm

Choosing the correct size

For Sabona bracelets your wrist size will be very close to the size of the bracelet you need.

Be sure to consider how loose or comfortable you want your Sabona to be. Measure your wrist where you would use the bracelet. This must be a firm measure while the copper has to be in constant contact with the skin.

Order your bracelet 1.3 cm smaller than your wrist measurement to allow for approximately 1.3 cm space between the two ends of the bracelet. For example. A wrist measuring 16 cm will need a 15 cm (15 cm)wristband. If the measurement is between the two, please round up or down to the nearest millimeter extent.


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