Tungsten Carbide Slimline

Tungsten Carbon Fin

Tungsten Carbon Fin

  • There is a 1200 gauss magnet under each link making this a very effective bracelet. Samarium cobalt magnets, each positioned bio north against the skin, will not rust from body moisture or as the bracelet is washed. The usage of negatively charged magnets in direct contact with injured Titanium magnetic bracelets are thought to function as a local anesthetic as well as a healing compound area may heighten the body's instinct to begin the healing process
  • COMFORT: An entirely safe, natural health product designed to relieve pain caused by arthritis and rhumatism such as back pain but the magnetic therapy is also used to relieve stress, aid sleep, increase energy and improve the blood circulation and general immune system
  • POPULARITY: This brand continues to be worn by celebrities, sports people for its effectiveness in pain relief. Comes in its own presentation box

Why Tunsten Carbide?

Discover the incredible look and durability of tungsten carbide bracelets. In an extraordinary process, tungsten and carbide powders forged together at 2,400 degrees Fahrenheit to form bracelets that are virtually indestructible and scratch-resistant.Tunsten carbide is the most scratch resistant metal known to man.Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest, most durable metals with which jewellery is made. Tungsten carbide is scratch resistant, will not bend, and will not tarnish. There is nothing worse than putting on a bracelet only to find it is scratched or bent. With tungsten carbide you no longer need to worry about this as tungsten bracelets will never bend, nick, or become misshapen.

  • The bracelets are polished with a diamond compound, resulting in a polish and shine that will last forever. Tungsten Carbide is the perfect combination of incredible strength with style and comfort.
  • Tungsten is the only rare and exotic metal that can be permanently polished. With tungsten carbide bracelets the surface will maintain its original beautiful glossy finish.
  • Many people also enjoy the heavy weight of a tungsten carbide bracelet. This fine bracelet is worn by men and women.

Available Options:





Small 16 cm for wrist 15 cm

Large 19 cm for wrist 18 cm

Extra Large 20 cm for wrist 19 cm


A guarantee of 6 months on all parts. 

Tungsten is a very strong and durable material that works well with the body. It can withstand very high temperatures and can also tolerate salt water. It does not get affected due to rough handling or any kind of abuse.


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