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Cable bracelets

Our range of trio bracelets is very popular with both men and women. 

A striking bracelet, in 4 different fashion styles that contains a magnet of 1200 gauss under each link. 

A chic-looking bracelet!

WOMEN's Bracelets

Timeless elegance with our selection of gem bracelets for women.

Men’s bracelets in many contemporary styles.

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Sabona has been making exquisite bracelets for men and women since 1959. Known around the world for their beauty and elegance, the highest quality and elegant bracelets, celebrities and sportsmen have all worn Sabona bracelet jewelry.

Sabona continues to make fashionable and highly sought-after bracelets for those who love high-class jewelry; and, our company sabona France, based in Normandy, presents all their jewelry that you can buy directly online.