Longlasting Stainless steel magnetic bracelet for men. With magnets to help overall blood circulation, diabetics with circulatory problems, pain relief from aches in joints.

Mens Magnetic Bracelet: Executive Symmetry Silver


  • A popular stainless steel bracelet with cross connectors.
  • Each link contains a magnet of 1200 Gauss.
  • One of our best sellers.
  • These magnetic bracelets for men are made of stainless steel with 0.999% silver and 18-carat gold plating 3.0 microns thick.
  • They have between 5 and 14 high qualities in high quality samarium cobalt - the amount of magnets depends on the side and links of the bracelet - which are guaranteed not to rust.
  • North magnetic polarity. So that the bracelet is pointing towards your Body, which helps it move better. The result will cause your Iron to move through your Blood Stream faster and improves overall blood circulation.
  • A unit power of 1200 Gauss for each magnet.
  • The clasps are designed to stay firm, even during the most rigorous activity.
  • Wear your bracelet day and night to enjoy all its recognized benefits of continued relief. This means that the bracelet must be comfortable, which these are.
  • Basic magnetic stainless steel bracelets are the high-end magnetic metal bracelets.
  • It will not tarnish or irritate your skin and you can wear them while you swim or swim.
  • Bracelets have silver plating for longer use.
  • Very popular with all professional men and professional golfers and other professional athletes too.


The bracelet comes in its own very attractive black gift box.


Available in 5 sizes:

  • Small (16 cm) for wrist 15 cm
  • Medium (17 cm) for wrist 16 cm
  • Large (19 cm) for wrist 17 cm
  • Extra large (20 cm) for wrist 19 cm
  • Extra, Extra Large Extra (21 cm) for wrist 20 cm



A guarantee of 6 months on the manufacture of the bracelet

Weight 350.00 g

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, Extra, extra large


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SABONA bracelets are world-renowned copper and magnetic bracelets, considered by many to be beneficial to the health of the wearers. SABONA bracelets have been manufactured by the British company since 1959 and today their activities have expanded to offices around the world.

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SABONA bracelets using magnets are believed to keep the circulatory system in good working order. This is an old theory that continues to attract supporters even though there is currently no scientific evidence of its effectiveness.

Wearing a magnetic bracelet throughout the day also means that style will be an important determining factor for many people. Luckily, our magnetic bracelets come in various styles, from flashy gold and silver models to more discrete brushed metal or dark coloured bands.

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