Practical and possibly lifesaving medical bracelet to alert people of a medical condition in a simple yet trendy design.

Medical Identification Bracelet: Mens


A Medical identity bracelet to  alert  emergency personnel of a health problem, and set in a trendy styled bracelet

  • MedicAlert symbol is internationally recognised.This medical bracelet is designed for people with hidden medical conditions, such as: diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, asthma, hypothyroidism, heart conditions, rare blood groups, allergies, maintenance medications, implant.
  • This pretty bracelets is marked with the recognized symbol for medical alerts and will come with a wallet card that you'll fill with the details of your personal information such as medical condition, blood type and paramedic coordinated for you to keep on your people
  • The medical bracelet ID is magnetic and made of durable stainless steel. Some medical conditions will not be suitable for magnetic bracelets, such as electrical implants in order to check first.
  • Notify people of your essential medical information in an emergency
  • Magnets said to improve blood circulation and well-being
  • Contemporary, stylish design


• Small 16.5 cm for wrist 15.2 cm

• Medium 17.7 cm for wrist 16.5 cm

• Large 19.0 cm wrist 17.7 cm

• Very large 20.3 cm for wrist 19.0 cm

Weight 0.35 g

Small, Medium, Large, Very Large

This medical alert bracelet provides critical information when you need it.

Medical ID Jewellery To Complement Your Style. A Simple Way To Communicate Important Information To First-Responders In an Emergency.