Sabona sports wrist bracelet used by professionals for effective magnetic therapy with positive ions to improve health problems associated with arthritis and rhumatism and blood circulation.

Magnetic Sport Bracelet: Black

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  • This athletic magnetic bracelet with powerful magnets and titanium is designed to improve blood circulation and relieve pain.
  • Help improve your golf sport, tennis ….
  • Combination of 1200 Gauss magnets and materials producing less ions
  • Does not rust from body moisture, making it ideal for sports
  • Covered in stretch fabric, making it comfortable to wear
  • Wear it well-fitting or loose,depending on your style and daily needs
  • Can be hand-washed with mild detergent

Sabona athletic bracelets are a revolutionary way to reap the benefits of magnets and negative ions. Whether it's a daily session or a weight room session, this design is a more comfortable and athletic way to wear health jewelry. These magnetic magnetic balance bracelets include a combination of 1200 gauss magnets, each positioned bio north against the skin, and a titanium material producing negative (negative) ions built inside a black stretchable fabric.


Sabona sports bracelets can be hand washed with mild detergent. Our premium low-carbon samarium cobalt magnets are specifically chosen because they do not rust from body moisture or the bracelet is washed. As with all of our fine jewelry products, our sports balance bracelets come with a 6 month manufacturer's warranty. However, we recommend that you avoid swimming in chlorinated or salt water while wearing your bracelet, as well as when using cleaning products.



Sabona's sports bands will lengthen to be easily taken and removed, but will shrink to the original size. You can wear them tight or loose, but keep in mind that magnets work best when they are closer to the skin.

Only 1 size available in black:

Small Extra 14,6 cm for wrist 14,6 cm

Weight 150.00 g

Large/Very Large, Extra Small


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Sabona is the leading international manufacturer of copper and magnetic jewellery. It now offers a fabric bracelet that will allow you to enjoy the health benefits of magnets while playing sports and staying active.

With more than 50 years of experience in producing high-quality copper bracelets, the British company Sabona is now exploring the effects of magnets, which are supposed to increase blood circulation and thus enable the nutrients contained in the to reach all parts of the body. The more nutrients are important, the better the body works and you feel healthier and more energetic.

Each Athletics magnetic bracelet has five 1200 gauss magnets positioned north against the skin and a titanium material is woven inside the stretch fabric. This titanium is said to produce positive ions that balance with the negative ions of pain in your body, thus nullifying the pain.

Although there are many magnetic bracelets on the market, Sabona is one of the oldest manufacturers, well known for its quality and guaranteed to provide the best products. For this reason, they use high quality Samarium Cobalt 1200 gauss magnets that do not rust and offer the best effects.

Suitable for men and women, Athletics magnetic bracelets are available in other stylish colours.