Ladies Magnetic Bracelet: Multi-Coloured Gems


Stainless steel magnetic bracelet with coloured gems.



Discover the secret of SABONA magnetic jewellery

Sabona bracelets are world-renowned magnetic bracelets, considered by many to be beneficial to the health of the people who wear them. Sabona bracelets have been manufactured by the company since 1959 and today their activities have expanded to distributors around the world. The company offers a wide variety of steel and magnetic bracelets in attractive styles that will suit all tastes for the benefits of magnetotherapy.

Choosing the right option from the many Sabona bracelets available may take some time.

Magnetic bracelets are available with many embellishments, including special patterns and even beautiful gems. There is a bracelet for all lifestyles and tastes.

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Poids 250,00 g

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