Women’s Magnetic Bracelet: Silver Gem


A pretty elegant magnetic bracelet for ladies with pretty gems between each link set in a complex twisted stainless steel loop.


This gorgeous bracelet is silver plated, adorned with pretty light gems.

  • The bracelets have between 5 and 14 high quality cobalt samarium magnets – the amount of magnets depends on the length of the bracelet – which are guaranteed not to rust.
  • Magnetic polarity is towards North giving a sedating and healing effect
  • A strong unit power of 1200 Gauss for each of these large magnets.
  • The clasps are designed to stay closed even during the most rigorous activity.
  • Wear your bracelet day and night to benefit from all of its recognized benefits.


The bracelet is presented in a very nice black gift box.

Informations complémentaires

Poids 250,00 g

Very small, Small, Medium, Extra Large, Large