Mens Magnetic Bracelet: Executive Regal Duet


Men’s magnetic bracelet with magnets and in stainless steel

A stunning gold bracelet for men.



  • This magnetic bracelet for men is made of stainless steel with 0.999 silver and 18 karat gold of 3.0 microns thick.
  • Between 5 and 14 high quality cobalt samarium magnets of high quality-the amount of magnets depends on the longer and the links of the bracelet – which are guaranteed not to rust.
  • Magnetic polarity North.
  • A high individual strength of 1200 Gauss for each magnet.
  • The clasps are designed to stay firm even during the most rigorous activity.
  • Wear your bracelet day and night to benefit from all of its recognized benefits.
  • Stainless steel base magnetic bracelets is the high end of metal magnetic bracelets.
  • It will not tarnish or irritate your skin and you can wear them while you bathe or swim.
  • Bracelets have a heavy gold plating or silver for longer use.
  • Very popular with professional golfers and other professional athletes.

The bracelet is presented in a very nice black gift box.


Available in 4 sizes.

Small (16 cm) for wrist 15 cm

Medium (17 cm) for wrist 16 cm

Large (19 cm) for wrist 17 cm

Extra Large (20 cm) for wrist 19 cm


Informations complémentaires

Poids 350,00 g

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large