Medical Identification Bracelet: Ladies


  • Medical identity bracelets combine the alert function of emergency personnel with a health problem such as diabetes and consumer stylistic trends
  • Caduceus symbol prominently displayed on link
  •  Alerts emergency personnel of up to four (4) medical conditions
  • Includes 60 conditions pre-printed on durable labels
  • FREE wallet card
  • also available for men


Looking for a stylish Med ID bracelet or necklace you feel good about wearing?

Most Med IDs are not styles a person will wear. Sabona Medical ID bracelets  combine the function of alerting emergency personnel to a medical condition such as diabetes with style trends you want to wear!

The Ladies’ Medical ID bracelet combines gold plating and polished stainless steel, making it perfect for casual wear but upscale enough for dress! The Caduceus symbol is prominently displayed on one link and « DIABETES See Wallet Card » is marked underneath the link. This bracelet also comes with a FREE wallet card.


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