Sport Pro Magnetic Bracelets with Negative Ions: Black


  • an anti-stress energy bracelet
  • worn by men and women, especially those who play sports and athletics
  • very popular with golfers
  • available in various colours


With more than 50 years of history, Sabona of London is recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of copper bracelets and magnetic bracelets, applying magnetic therapy to its products.

Although many bracelet styles are available, the Sabona Pro-magnetic range was created specifically to meet the demands of an active lifestyle.


Featuring a silicone strap and water-resistant properties, the bracelet is designed to be used during sports and fitness activities, making it an excellent option for active people such as golfers.

Although neither a treatment nor a treatment, many users reported that the group had relieved the symptoms of their disease, some instantly and others in the long term.

These bracelets benefit athletes in general and golfers in particular by increasing circulation, energizing and oxygenating blood and stimulating the natural process of physical recovery.

If you suffer from stress, anxiety or exhaustion on the golf course and don’t really enjoy your golf games, we suggest you wear the new PRO-Magnétique Sport ion silicone bracelet, used by golfers many European tours.


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Poids 150,00 g

Extra Large, Small/Medium, Large