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Women’s Magnetic Bracelet: Executive Slim Bar


  • It is a clever combination of gold bars and brushed stainless steel connection links.
  • This design is elegance and class!


Sabona braceletsare world-renowned copper and magnetic bracelets, considered by many to be beneficial to the health of the wearers. Sabona bracelets have been manufactured by British company since 1959 and today their activities have expanded to offices around the world.

The company offersa wide variety of copper and magnetic bracelets in attractive styles that will suit all tastes.

Sabona bracelets using magnets are believed to keep the circulatory system in good working order. This is an old theory that continues to attract supporters even though there is currently no scientific evidence of its effectiveness. Magnetic bracelets are available in stainless steel, tungsten carbide and other options.

Choosing the right option from the many Sabona bracelets available may take some time. The company has expanded its activities beyond the magnetic and copper base bracelets and offers beautiful styles for women, excellent choices for men and even sports designs for athletes. Magnetic bracelets are available with many embellishments, including special patterns and even beautiful gems. There is a bracelet for all lifestyles and tastes.

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Poids 250,00 g

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