Mens Magnetic Bracelet: Tungsten Carbide


This magnetic bracelet gives you a truly unique look.

This bracelet is made of tungsten carbide which is harder than titanium and steel by creating a wear-resistant accessory.


A unique gift: a magnetic bracelet has something so unique that you will love to wear it as is and not necessarily for the treatment of pain. If you want to make a nice gift to someone, the magnetic bracelet is a very good idea. The combination of beauty and possible health benefits is very difficult to beat, which is why it is a great gift for all.

  • It has between 5 and 14 high quality cobalt samarium magnets of high quality-the amount of magnets depends on the longer and the links of the bracelet – which are guaranteed not to rust. There is a magnet of 1200 Gauss under each link, making it a very effective bracelet. The samarium cobalt magnets, each positioned North against the skin, will not rust due to body moisture or the washing of the bracelet.
  • A unit power of 1200 Gauss for each magnet.
  • The clasps are designed to stay firm even during the most rigorous activity.
  • Wear your bracelet day and night to benefit from all of its recognized benefits.

A completely safe natural health product designed to relieve pain caused by arthritis and rheumatism, such as backache, but magnetic therapy also serves to relieve stress, help sleep, increase energy and improve circulation and the immune system in General.


The bracelet is presented in a very nice black box.


Available in 3 sizes


For all manufacturer defects the wristbands will remain under warranty for 6 months. Keep your invoice safe



Informations complémentaires

Poids 350,00 g

Average, Very large, Very large extra